Rajim Foundation Scholarship

A Scholarship Program Open to Metropolitan Detroit Area High School Seniors

The Rajim Foundation, established in 2021 by Philip and Jiby Kuriakose, is the result of their desire to assist young people who have faced significant life challenges during their school years, yet who hold the dream of obtaining a higher education leading to a productive career. They, along with the other Rajim Foundation Board members, Cheryl Willette and Shibu Ninan, are committed to enabling those dreams through scholarship awards and mentorship support.

The Rajim Foundation Scholarship is an “undergraduate” award, which is renewable for up to the designated period of study (2 or 4 years, depending on the degree being sought).  It aims to provide financial support ($1500 over 2 years or $3000 over 4 years) and mentorship to students seeking education/training at any accredited institution, including training in Career & Technical Education (CTE).

The Foundation seeks to provide assistance to those students who may be overlooked in the traditional scholarship process.  These students may have faced unusual obstacles that impeded their educational attainment but have shown determination and courage to succeed despite this.  A Rajim Scholar is one who overcomes challenges to earn this recognition and who understands that everyone needs an encouraging hand---and that everyone can in turn provide a helping hand.

Who Is Eligible to Apply for a Rajim Scholarship?

Graduating seniors from any high school in Wayne, Oakland, or Macomb Counties in the state of Michigan.

What are the Criteria for Selection?

The Rajim Foundation Scholarship seeks to award a financial scholarship and offer mentorship to promising students who:

  • Exhibit a strong study and/or work ethic
  • Have shown the ability to overcome obstacles
  • Demonstrate participation in 1 or more extracurricular activities (including music, debates/contests, sports, holding a job, theater, volunteering, etc.)
  • Maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 (a candidate with a GPA of 2.5-3.0 may be considered at the discretion of the Board)
  • Submit written essays or a video presentation which demonstrating their writing/communication ability and coherently addressing both questions asked in the application.
  • Provide at least two written references from school personnel or others (not related to the applicant) who can attest to their character and work ethic, and/or who recognize the challenges the student has faced
  • Will commit to “paying it forward” as an informal advisor or mentor to future Rajim Scholars (agree to 1 annual meeting with new Rajim Scholars and Board)
  • Maintain good school attendance (extenuating circumstances will be considered)
  • Demonstration of financial need (explain in student and parent documents)
  • Willingness to be an informal advisor or mentor to future Rajim Scholars (see explanation), if needed

All awards will be made without regard to gender, race, creed, color, religion, or national origin

What Are the Award Conditions?

  • Acceptance at an accredited college/university/technical school
  • Attendance at same; if the student withdraws from the institution, they will not be eligible for further consideration
  • If a student maintains academic standing but chooses to attend a different educational institution than originally stated, they may use the scholarship money there so long as they provide proof of transfer
  • All Rajim Scholars are required to submit a Renewal Application at the end of each study/academic year
  • All Rajim Scholars are encouraged to “pay it forward” within their immediate and at-large communities, and utilize the opportunity to interact with the other Rajim scholars to help each other and provide input and guidance to the Foundation

Are Rajim Scholarships Renewable?

  • Yes.  All Rajim Scholars are required to submit a Renewal Application each year if they wish to renew their funding, for up to the designated limit of their study (not exceeding 2 years for an associate degree and 4 years for an undergraduate degree).

How Do I Apply?

Complete the Rajim Foundation Scholarship Application (click to download), including:

  • Two essays and/or video presentation
  • Student Information Form
  • Parent/Guardian Information Sheet
  • Two letters of reference from one of these: School Counselor/Teacher/Other Faculty/Staff Member/Extra-curricular Adult Leader and/or someone not related to you who knows you well
  • Submit your application by email (scholarship@rajimfoundation.org) by April 30th of the given year


Important Dates:

  • April 30: Scholarship Application Due to Rajim Foundation
  • May 15: Notification of the Scholarship recipient to their respective school
  • May/June: Notification of Scholarship Recipients by the school/ Award ceremony by the schools
  • June/July: Rajim Scholar-Parent/Guardian Dinner with Rajim Board
  • Mutually convenient date (January-August Annual Virtual Convening of Rajim Scholars)​​​​​