Board Members 



Since completing his medical studies and subsequent training in India and the US, Philip has been working in the field of cancer and blood disorders. He has spent time outside of his regular work in the US by collaborating with various health and medical facilities in India to help with both outreach to patients in the local communities, and education of students, trainees and faculty in those settings.



JIBY KURIAKOSE, Chief Operating Officer

Jiby attended medical school in India, and initially practiced there before taking a break to help take care of her family as they settled into their new home and life in the US. After completing an MBA in healthcare administration, she worked with successive organizations in an administrative capacity, all the while nurturing a desire to help and support children and the youth through education and mentoring. Jiby continues to be actively involved with various charitable and outreach organizations.


SHIBU NINAN, Secretary

Shibu is a seasoned finance executive with over two decades of progressive experience in financial advisory, audit and organizations in the technology sector. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Bangalore University, and is a qualified U.S. Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Chartered Accountant (India). Shibu is an active volunteer in his community as also in international outreach organizations involved with helping support under-privileged children.


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SHERINE CHACKO,  Outreach Officer

Sherine, a seasoned social worker, started her professional journey with training in India before pursuing a master's degree in rehabilitation psychology in the United States. For the past 25 years, she dedicated herself to crisis and trauma intervention in Detroit's emergency department. She tirelessly worked to ensure that individuals not only received immediate attention, but also had the necessary resources and support systems for long-term recovery. In retirement, Sherine has gracefully transitioned into a life as a hobby farmer. Surrounded by the tranquility of her garden and the company of farm animals, she continues to embody the spirit of nurturing and care that defined her professional journey.


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Having built a career as an industrial entrepreneur, Cherian has been actively involved in supporting, mentoring, and guiding children and families facing financial, health and social hardships to find ways and different platforms towards successful and fulfilling lives.




Annie Kuriakose has been involved in the field of education for almost a decade. She, till recently, headed the Department of English at one of the reputed women's colleges in Bangalore, India, and has always been sensitive to students' needs. She has strived for inclusivity in her classrooms and has displayed her innate understanding of student issues, especially regarding mental health and support. Annie has also been associated with various charitable organizations and outreach programs in her community. She currently resides in Berlin, West Germany, with her husband, Ashwin.

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Having spent 30 years in Michigan Public Schools, working across the full professional spectrum of teaching, community education, collaborative coordination, and program development, Cheryl retired as an Educational Administrator. Since then she has been involved in several volunteer and administrative initiatives in the community in and around metro Detroit. She is a longstanding volunteer at Freedom House, a shelter for survivors of torture and persecution seeking legal asylum in the US and Canada. In addition, Cheryl helped organize the Beloved Community Initiative in her community, which focuses on bringing people from diverse cultural backgrounds, races, and beliefs together in dialogue.

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Kiran started off his professional career in Mechanical Engineering, followed by Computer Aided Engineering. This allowed him to focus on Mechanical Engineering software solutions, working initially in software development till he switched over to Product Owner, with a customer base across major national and international organizations. In parallel with his career, Kiran remained actively involved in a social setting, starting off with Rotaract, an offshoot of Rotary Club, and he has always sought to reach out to students and young professionals needing guidance, help, and that extra support to reach their full potential in life.

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BENJAMIN COTTON                                                            JOHN ABRAHAM                                                  CATHERINE CARROLL


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  CHRISTOPHER SAMUEL                                                        ANJALI CHANDRA                                                              PRITA ABRAHAM


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JONATHAN KURIAKOSE                                                       LAURA KULL                                                                        HANNAH KURIAKOSE